Miller Arts Scholars Seminar and Discussion
(CASS 1010 and CASS 1011)

CASS 1010 is a required seminar class for second through fourth-year Miller Arts Scholars. Faculty from Music, Studio Art, Drama, and Dance, and others will share aspects of their personal research, thoughts about Arts at the University, practical applications of an Art Major after college, etc. The Miller Arts Scholars will also visit the Science Scholar cohort at least once during the semester.

CASS 1010 Goal

CASS 1010 will meet at the Culbreth Building on Wednesdays from 2-2:50 PM. This seminar provides to its participants access to a cross section of programs and perspectives in the arts throughout the University of Virginia's impressive Arts Grounds. Each meeting should be conversational, informal, and interactive. This seminar class is offered during the fall semester.

Current Syllabus

CASS 1011 Goal

CASS 1011 is a discussion course for programmatic development, sharing ideas, and mentoring for second through fourth-year Arts Scholars. Students share their artistic discipline with other enrolled students and work on developing art portfolios. Our goal is to create connections and stimulate discussion between all Miller Arts Scholars. This discussion course is offered during the spring semester.

Current Syllabus
Previous Guests

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