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SPRING 2014 Courses

African-American and African Studies Program

Courses that will count for AAS:

AAS 1020, Crosscurrents in African Diaspora
AAS 2224, Black Femininity and Masculinity in the US Media
AAS 3456, The Supreme Court and the Civil Rights Movement
AAS 3500-001, Race, Culture & Inequality
AAS 3500-002, African American Health Professionals
AAS 3559-001, Black Fire

AAS 4109, Civil Rights Movement & the Media
AAS 4500, Critical Race Theory
AAS 4501, Black Power
AAS 4559-001, Heard it on the Radio
AAS 4570-002, Women & Muslim Culture in Africa
AAS 4570-003, Black Conservatism & its Critics

ANTH 4590, Women & Muslim Culture in Africa

ENAM 3140, African American Literature II

ENAM 4840, Fictions of Black Identity

ENLT 2547, Black Writers in America

HIAF 2002, Modern African History
HIAF 3559-001, African Decolonization

HIME 2002, History of the Middle East and North Africa, ca. 1500-Present

HIST 4501-005, Religion in Africa and the Mideast

LNGS 2220, Black English

MUSI 3090, Performance in Africa

PLCP 3410, Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

PLAP 4810, Class, Race and the Environment

PLCP 4810, Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa

RELA 3900 – Islam in Africa
RELI 3900 – Islam in Africa

SOC 3410, Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC 4550, Race & Ethics

WGS 3130, Geographies of Desire: Race, Gender, Place, Identity



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