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  • Custom on-site programming on the languages and cultures of Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other areas of South Asia in the form of guest speakers, seminars, or lectures;
  • Custom on-site professional development in schools for instructional staff or in businesses for employees working in South Asia;
  • Consultation in the development of curriculum, lesson plans, and events pertaining to the regions of South Asia;
  • Cultural training in preparation for travel, study, or the conducting of business abroad in South Asia;
  • Large-scale cultural events on- and off-grounds for schools, student organizations, local businesses, and community organizations.
  • Consultation on resources on the web, publications, and other materials on topics related to South Asia;
  • An extensive collection of films, books, and other hard-copy resources on the regions;
  • Ask us! E-mail the Outreach Coordinator, Rachel Stauffer: