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Past Events

Fall 2013 Lectures



September 11th (Wednesday) Nau Hall 342, 3pm

“Contemporary India and Education: A Roundtable Discussion”Sukanta Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University) Co-sponsored by the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures  

September 12th (Thursday) Scholars' Lab at the library, 2:30pm

'Many Tagores: Travels through a Variorum Website'Sukanta Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University)Co-sponsored by the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures  

September 18th (Wednesday) Bryan Hall Room 229A, 3:30pm

“Mapping Feminist Debates: Questions from the Indian Context”Anita Singh(Visiting Fulbright Lecturer at UVA, Fall 2013, Professor of English &Co-Coordinator, Centre for Women’s Studies & Development, Banaras Hindu University)(Organized by the Program in Women, Gender & Sexuality) 

September 19th (Thursday)Campbell Hall 153, 5:00

(The Weedon Lectures in the Arts of Asia)“Sculpting the Ascetic Body: Corporeality and Presence in Real Architectural Space.”Tamara Sears (Yale University)


September 20th (Friday) Monroe Hall 130, 3:15pm

 “The Idea of Asia in Tagore and His Times”Sugata Bose (Harvard University)            

September 25th.  (Wednesday) Location TBA, 3:30pm

“Reading Natyasastra from a Feminist lens: Some Critical Reflections”Anita Singh (Benares Hindu University) Fulbright-Nehru Scholar

October 11th (Friday) Gibson Hall 211, 3:00pm

“The Nightingale of Future's Garden: Reflections on Ghalib's ‘Rejected’ Ghazals” Mehr Farooqi (Associate Professor, MESALC, Univ. of Virginia)

October 17th (Thursday)Location TBA, 4:00pm

“Jaipur: The Spectacle of City Planning”Susan Johnson-Roehr    (ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Univ. of Virginia)       

 October 24th (Thursday) Nau Hall 211, 5:00pm  

“The People's Sovereignty in India: A Historical Framework for the Legal Framing of the Modern Indian Voter”David Gilmartin (North Carolina State University) 

October 29th (Tuesday) Location TBA, 5:00pm

Devadasi: Gender Politics, Nation and MoralsAnita Singh (Benares Hindu University) Fulbright-Nehru Scholar

 November 20th (Wednesday) Location TBA, 5:00pm

Navigating Space: Women, Theater and PerformanceAnita Singh (Benares Hindu University) Fulbright-Nehru Scholar