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Russian House

russian house event

The Russian House is a Russian-language residential facility for undergraduates and graduate students. It is the hub of cultural and social life for students and faculty affiliated with the Department. Events at Russian House are open to the UVa and Charlottesville community.



  • Russian-language TV (RTVI, RTVI+, NTV-America, TVCI)
  • Russian films
  • Reference library
  • Weekly tea and conversation nightDeanGrovesRussianHouse
  • Social activities

How to Apply

For more information contact:

Lilia Burganova Travisano

Russian House Director, 263 New Cabell Hall
(434) 924-6688

UVA Russian House

A list of special events that will take place at Russian Tea throughout the 2013- 2014 academic year:

- Russian Anecdotes
- Russian Music
- Russian Movies/ Cartoons/ TV
- Traditional Slavic Dances
- Russian Mardi Gras
- Russian Tea goes to the Caucasus (Debates)
- Playing chess/ scrabble
- Halloween Party
- Barbecue
- Easter Egg Paining
- Christmas Party

A list of special events that will take place at Russian Tea during fall term 2013:

-Russian Anecdotes- 09/ 17
-Russian Tea Goes to Bulgaria- Presentations and Debates- 10/01
-Russian Music- 10/08
-Information Session on Study Abroad in Russia and Eastern Europe- 10/22
-Halloween Party- 10/29
-Russian Tea Goes to the Caucases- Presentation and Debates- 11/05
-Christmas Party- 12/06

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact Vicky Vutova at