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Ian Baucom

Social Consequences: Faculty research gains national attention

No matter the generation, it's a common source of dread for many teenagers: an uneventful weekend at home. Watching a movie with a friend at home, you can't help but feel like you're missing out on all the real fun to be had on a Saturday night.   >> READ MORE

Up Close & Personal: Meet Some of the College's Newest Professors

A Jamaican-born novelist who served as a cultural Ambassador during the 1998 FIFA World Cup. An economics professor from France with a love for food. An avid cyclist with a passion for songbirds. Three of the College’s professors answer our questions.


Njelle Hamilton


Dan Meliza


Sophie Osotimehin

Short Film Feature: Sugarcoated Arsenic

A cinematic exploration of African-American students’ life at U.Va. in the 1970s. This short film was created by faculty and students as part of the Black Fire multimedia initiative. >> READ MORE

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