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How to get Help in the New SIS

Best Online Help

Local Experts/Key Contacts

Audience Group Name What can they help me with Name & Phone Number
Undergraduate and Graduate School, Faculty and Staff Local Experts Security Questions: require new role or cannot do or view what should be able to do with role Rachel Most, 4-3353
Ed Barnaby 4-3881
  Reporting Contacts Assist with the creation of queries using Discoverer Plus Sherry Bullock, 4-3350
Meredith Burke, 4-3353
Christopher Hamilton, 2-4530
Jennifer Holloway, 4-6971
Rachel Most, 4-3353
  Core Readiness Group

Procedural questions and issues
General questions and concerns

Rachel Most, 4-3353
  Wait List/Permission List Questions

"How to" regarding wait list & permisson list
Ad Hoc Permissions
Note: To create a permission list when your class is close to full or full send an e-mail to Be sure to include your name, the class mnemonic, number and section number.

Rachel Most, 4-3353
  LSPs Access Issues
iKey/Token Issues
Sherry Bullock (ASU), 4-3350
Aron Teel (ASG), 47294
Gail Moore (ASG), 46744
  Administrative Support Processing paper course action forms
Processing drops adds
Quick enroll
Sharon French, 4-8864
Sherry Bullock, 4-3350
Judy Mitchell, 44956
Stacy Sties, 2-4763
Katherine Shiflett, 4-6508
Glenda Notman, 3-4041
  Class Scheduling

Errors in the class schedule
Room changes
Undergraduate, Enrolled Students College Registrar Transcripts and AR reports
Assistance with the coding of exceptions
Judy Updike, 4-8867
Lifting Advisor Holds for Undergraduate Students Director of Advising
Note: Faculty advisors can lift the advisor hold for their advisees through the Faculty Center.
Lifting Holds for Students who are not your Advisees:
Students will need to bring a note signed by the advisor to the department office (majors) or to Monroe Hall (non-majors) documenting that they have been advised.
Rachel Most, 4-3353
Graduate Admissions Graduate Office Applications of prospective graduate students

GSAS Staff, 4-6740

  Graduate Office Departmental awards and aid Lloyd Banks, 4-3919
Brenda Davis, 4-6742
  Graduate Office Academic records of current graduate students
Rita Swain, 4-6741
Ed Barnaby 4-3881


Resource Purpose Source
Online help Help with SIS functionality while an administrative user is in the system "Help" link at top right of SIS component/page
Training materials On-line access to training materials
Help from portal Help Center link
Links to “how to” information “just in time” 3/16, best to reach this via the ISIS/SIS link on the UVa homepage, where students and faculty will be directed to ISIS or SIS, as appropriate.)
Faculty Center Demo How to navigate within the Faculty Center
Navigating the Faculty Center
(Faculty Guide)
Instructions on how to complete faculty functions within the SIS Available as printed brochure or as a PDF. You can print the full version and/or topic-specific information. Available online at:
PDF document icon (.pdf)
Student Center Demo How to navigate within the Student Center
Navigating the Faculty Center
(Student Guide)
Instructions on how to complete student functions within the SIS PDF document icon (.pdf)
Help Desk Help phone calls; triaged to appropriate office 924-HELP; online chat and email are also available
SIS access website Request SIS access
Course Renumbering Crosswalk Look up old course number and match to new course number
University Registrar For questions related to academic policies, course catalog, schedule of classes, assignment of instructional space, or class rosters 924-4122
Student Financial Services For information related to financial aid, tuition, student bills, and other student finance questions 982-6000
Office of Admission For questions about undergraduate admission 982-3200
ITC For Internet access and computing IDs 924-3731