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Chairs List

Academic Departments

All phone numbers have a 434 area code

Arts & Humanities

American Sign Language Chris Krentz 924-7105 Bryan Hall 219
Art Francesca Fiorani
Fayerweather Hall 102
Arts Box Office Andrew Burnett 924-6079  
Art, Studio Bill Wylie
Ruffin Hall
Bioethics John Arras 924-7863 Cabell Hall 524
Classics John Miller 924-3008 Cocke Hall B018
Creative Writing Debra Nystrom 924-6632 Bryan Hall 430
Comparative Literature Paul Cantor 924-7105 Bryan Hall 134
Drama Operations & Productions Colleen Kelly 924-3326 Culbreth Road 109
East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures Anne Kinney 982-2304 Cabell Hall 528
English Cynthia Wall 924-7105 Bryan Hall 219
French Lit/Linguistics Deborah McGrady 924-3924 Cabell Hall 302
German Jeffrey Grossman 924-6693 Halsey Annex A, Rm 113
Heritage Theatre Festival Robert Chapel 924-8961 Culbreth Theater
Humanities Institute Michael Levenson 924-6643  
Latin American Studies Fernando Opere 924-4653  
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Bruce Holsinger 924-6629 Bryan Hall 406
Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures Griffith Chaussee 243-2019 New Cabell Hall
Music Richard Will 924-3052 Old Cabell Hall 112
New Literary History Journal Rita Felski 924-6622 Bryan Hall 232
NINES Andrew Stauffer 924-7530 Bryan Hall 219
Philosophy Talbot Brewer 924-7869 Cocke Hall 120
Religious Studies Kurtis Schaeffer 924-3770 Halsey Hall 120
Slavic Languages David Herman 924-6687 Cabell Hall 109
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Joel Rini 924-4657 Wilson Hall 117
Studies in Bibliography David Vander Meulen 924-6624

Bryan Hall 140B


Astronomy Mike Skrutskie
Astronomy Building 212
Biology Laura Galloway 982-5639 Gilmer Hall 226G
Blandy Experimental Farm Dave Carr (540) 837-1758 Blandy Farm
Biology Laura Galloway 982-5010 Gilmer Hall 226G
Chemistry Dean Harman
Chemistry Building 404
Cognitive Sciences Chad Dodson 924-4237  
Environmental Sciences Patricia Wiberg 924-7546 Clark Hall
Environmental Thought & Practice Vivian Thomson 924-3964 Clark Hall 253
Institute for Nuclear & Particle Physics Dinko Pocanic 924-7691 Physics Building 163
Mathematics Craig Huneke 924-4946 Kerchof Hall 231
Mountain Lake Biological Station Butch Brodie 243-1068 240 Salt Pond Circle
Pembroke, VA
Neurosciences Alev Erisir
Physics Joseph Poon 924-6792 Physics Building 136
Psychology David Hill 982-4728 Gilmer Hall 102
Research Administration Neal Grandy 924-7139 Randall Hall
State Climatology Office Jerry Stenger 924-7761 Clark Hall
Statistics Jeffrey Holt 924-4927 Halsey Hall 112
VITA Inst for Theoretical Astronomy Mike Skrutskie 924-4328  

Social Sciences

American Studies Grace Hale 924-6413 Bryan Hall 118
Anthropology Susan McKinnon 924-6822 Brooks Hall 100
Archaeology Tyler Jo Smith 243-8782 Fayerweather Hall 310
South Asian Studies John Nemec 924-6716 Cocke Hall
East Asia Center Charles Laughlin 924-8950 Cabell Hall 534
Center for East Asian Studies Charles Laughlin 924-8950  
Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies at the University of Virginia Jeffrey Rossman 924-6384 Nau Hall 385
Center on Religion and Democracy James Hunter 924-6524 Watson Manor, 3 University Circle
Economics Sarah Turner 982-2383 Monroe Hall 237
Editing Madison Papers John Stagg 243-8845  
Editing Washington Papers Ed Lengel 924-3569 Alderman Library 504
Global Development Studies Richard Handler 982-2166 Nau Hall 197
History Paul Halliday 924-6385 Nau Hall 454
Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture James Hunter 924-6524 Cabell Hall 548
Institute for African-American and African Studies (Carter G. Woodson) Deborah McDowell 924-8892 Minor Hall 108
Jewish Studies Gabriel Finder 243-4369 New Cabell Hall 521
Linguistics Lise Dobrin 924-7048 Brooks Hall 202
Media Studies Siva Vaidhyanathan 243-4333 New Cabell Hall 402
Political and Social Thought Allan Megill 924-6414 Gibson Hall S396
Political Philosophy, Policy and Law Colin Bird 924-3615 Gibson Hall S185
Politics David Leblang 243-1574 Gibson Hall S467


Jeffrey Olick


Dynamics Building, 3rd Floor
2015 Ivy Road

Tibet Center David Germano 924-6728  
Women, Gender and Sexuality Charlotte Patterson 924-0664 Minor Hall 227

Other Academic Programs and Units

All phone numbers have a 434 area code
Arts & Sciences Center for Instructional Technology Valerie Larsen 924-6847 Cabell Hall 422
Book Arts Press Michael Suarez 924-8851 Alderman Library
Center for the Liberal Arts Victor Luftig 982-5205 219 Bryan Hall
English as a Second Language Dudley J. Doane 924-6166

Dell One, Bonnycastle Drive

Summer Foreign Language Institute Caren Freeman 924-6166 Dell One 109 Bonnycastle Drive