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Update Web Content

Content editors are the people behind the scenes who not only own the content, but also update and maintain it. Content editors are those clients who have access to make direct changes to the text on the website.

Arts & Sciences website content

The Arts & Sciences website ( (which you're now looking at!) is updated by administrators and staff with the Dean's Office, College, Graduate School, etc who need to communicate with students and faculty about deadlines, forms and other information.

When updating content on the A&S website, your changes will publish overnight and be available to the public the next morning.

How to update the Arts & Sciences website

administrative content editorBecome an A&S website content editor

A&S website content editors use Adobe Contribute, a desktop client software, to update administrative content. This software needs to be purchased and installed on your desktop. To become a content editor of a part of the Arts & Sciences website, follow these instructions on the "A&S website content editor: Getting started" page.