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Graduate students work at the vanguard of research and innovation in the twenty-first century university. Their laboratory work and their dissertations are at the core of research innovation around the world. They are the next generation’s faculty. And at every large research university, along with their supervising professors, they help ensure the quality and rigor of the undergraduate classroom experience.

Competition for the best graduate students has become fierce. Too often, however, the College loses annual contests for the very best simply because our financial offers fall so short of those of our peer institutions. To be competitive with top programs, our offers must provide substantially higher stipends, full tuition remission, longer support and fewer teaching responsibilities than they do now.

In this spirit, we have begun an ambitious campaign aimed at securing the future of graduate research and education in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Please consider a gift that will help the College attract and support talented graduate students, who will produce in all academic fields new knowledge, innovative modes of inquiry and understanding, and the highest level of creative work. These funds will allow us to compete more effectively with our peer institutions for the very best students in the nation and around the world.

You can help by supporting the College’s best graduate students:

President’s Fellowship endowed at $500,000

The President's Fellowship was established in 1980 by University President Frank L. Hereford, Jr. and provides four years of graduate study support to the most accomplished graduate student candidates. Fellows are selected based on their academic excellence and scholarly promise as students pursuing doctoral degrees. Doctorate-granting departments nominate candidates to the Graduate School, which are then reviewed by a faculty committee upholding the highest standards in selection. Forty new President's Fellowships are currently awarded to incoming students annually, for a total of approximately 160 fellows enrolled at any time. The Graduate School seeks endowment support to increase the number of fellows as well as to enhance the competiveness of the awards through higher stipend levels, summer research funding, and extension of the period of support from four to five years.

Enhancement Fellowship endowed at $300,000

Enhancement fellowships provide funding to assist in the recruitment of top candidates by augmenting standard fellowship levels. Trial experience with these awards has proven them to be an effective strategy in increasing our competitiveness for the most promising candidates. These named fellowships, which will generate approximately $15,000 support each year, may be used as the primary means of fellowship support for a particular student or as a supplemental source for three to five students per year.

Summer Research Grants

Summer research grants allow advanced graduate students to make significant progress on their dissertation research toward timely completion of their degrees. An endowment of $100,000 will support an annual grant of $5,000 to a student, helping him or her cover living expenses without seeking external employment that distracts from his or her studies.

Please contact the Arts & Sciences development office to see how you can help graduate students in Arts & Sciences.