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Department Support and Academic Venture Funds

The average department or program in the College is dependent on donor support for roughly 16% of its operating budget. This ongoing support helps to provide the difference that makes the College's departments some of the best in the country. An unrestricted gift is one way to make a meaningful contribution to a department, program, discipline or initiative of your choosing. You may also choose to help provide funding for Targets of Excellence Initiatives or the Faculty Research Venture Fund. Also, each department and program has specific needs towards which a gift can be directed.

Department and Program support

To give DIRECTLY to a department or program in Arts & Sciences, simply click the button below and choose the department or program of your choice from the drop-down menu.

To read about the needs of some of the College's departments and programs, please browse the following list and click on a pdf to learn more. In addition, if you are interested in providing seed money or otherwise contributing to a department, discipline or particular academic venture not listed below, please contact us to talk about ways in which you might help the College while maximizing your impact within your particular field of interest.

Targets of Excellence Initiatives

We seek support for new centers or institutes and faculty research support through gifts targeting individual initiatives. Signature gifts to centers and institutes often include naming opportunities. Identified priority areas include:

  • Energy research PDF document icon (data sheet) (.pdf, 588KB) (website)
  • Global environmental change
  • Morphogenesis and regenerative medicine (website)
  • Human lifespan development
  • Global humanities
  • Social science research
  • Asia Institute ( PDF document icon data sheet (.pdf, 122KB)) (website)

Faculty Research Venture Fund

Faculty replacement and expansion requires significant investment of start-up funds, particularly in the sciences. The College requires one-time funds to support the expected high volume of new faculty in the near-term and endowments to provide a sustainable funding source for this critical ongoing need. Further, we seek funds to support ongoing infrastructure needs in the sciences and a venture fund for the Dean to seed promising ideas for faculty research, particularly in those areas involving collaboration across disciplinary and even school boundaries.

To learn more, please contact the Arts & Sciences development office.