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One of the primary areas of focus for Asia Institute Outreach is extending the expertise and knowledge of University faculty and students in our departments and affiliated organizations to local public and private schools. Part of our efforts in this regard includes E-Outreach via the Asia Institute website by providing information about upcoming events for K-12 Virginia educators and students, by listing the Virginia SOLs for all grades that address any aspect of South Asian or East Asian languages and cultures, and by providing teaching resources for K-12 educators that can be found online and borrowed from the Institute (upon request, we may be able to ship resources at no cost to schools.)

We encourage teachers and administrators to look around the sites here that are addressed specifically for K-12 needs, but also to review the Outreach site more generally for a full view of the type of programming we have offered in the past, that which we are currently offering, and similarly, to contact us with any questions about what we may be able to offer in terms of custom on-site programming in schools for teachers or students.