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PDF document icon Read the Spring 2013 Outreach Newsletter (March 4, 2013) (.pdf, 885KB)

As an interdisciplinary organization, the Asia Institute houses faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students who have a variety of areas of expertise and in-country experience in South Asia, East Asia, and Tibet. Currently the Institute seeks to provide outreach to public and private K-12 institutions and 2- and 4-year colleges by extending the immeasurable knowledge and experience of Institute-affiliated faculty and students through the development of custom long- and/or short-term programming for Virginia K-12 students, instructional staff and administrators as well as for business and community organizations across the Commonwealth.

Asia Institute outreach is characterized in more detail according to the categories on the right. For more information, please visit the Contact Us page and provide the requested information, and our Outreach Coordinator will respond promptly to your inquiry. Thank you for your interest in Asia Institute Outreach.


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