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Current Miller Arts Scholars Artist Minigrants

Kylie Grow

Kylie Grow, Studio Art

Kylie received an Artist Minigrant to support the cost of hanging materials, and photo mats for a week long art opening of her independently produced investigative photo essay titled Decadence.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome) (Artist Statement)

Kylie will use minigrant funding to support the cost of producing an analytical photo essay in an unconventional medium that is typically treated as “toy photography”, or an antiquated household documentary sort of photography: instant Polaroid photograph.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Aspen Miller

Aspen Miller, Drama

Ambient Noir: Sound and Storytelling
Aspen received an Artist Minigrant to support further study of the importance of sound in filmmaking and storytelling.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Micah Watson

Micah Watson, Drama

Liturgical Praise Dance Performance
Micah received an Artist Minigrant to support the costs of travel to the Liturgical Praise Dance Conference with herdance troupe, Send Judah First.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Kingston Liu

Kingston Liu, Dance

Videography for Dance
Kingston recieved funding to further study videography techniques for dance.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Wesley Diener

Wesley Diener, Music

NATS Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition
Wesley will travel to compete at NATS Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition at College of Charleston in South Carolina.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Josephine Miller

Josephine Miller, Music

NATS Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition
Josephine will travel to compete at NATS Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition at College of Charleston in South Carolina.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Alexandra D'Ella

Alexandra D'Elia, Dance

Company E Summer Dance Intensive in Washington, D.C.
Alexandra will attend Company E’s Two-Week Summer Dance Intensive in Washington, DC.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Parima Sahbai

Parima Sahbai, Studio Art

The Relation between Photography and Drawing
Parima will purchase photography equipment to further her development as a studio artist.
(Original Proposal 1) (Original Proposal 2) (Proposal Outcome)


Luc Cianfarani

Luc Cianfarani, Music

Summer Contemporary Music Study
Luc will travel to New York City this summer to study with renowned pianist, Anthony de Mare.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Margaret Via

Margaret Via, Studio Art

Penland School of Crafts
Margaret will attend a two-week course this summer at the Penland School of Crafts.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Braelyn Schenk

Braelyn Schenk, Dance

Apples & Oranges-Further enabling a project on the move
Braelyn will conduct a series of documented sound and movement­based improvisations on her own. Later in the project outline, she plans to bring in an outside photographer/videographer to capture workshops, interviews etc.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Apples & Oranges-Further enabling a project on the move
Braelyn will purchase portable recording equipment in order to capture interviews, soundscapes, and other environments.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Gabrielle Struckell

Gabrielle Struckell, Dance

Summer Preparation for Dance Improvisation and Composition
Gabrielle will attend summer ballet courses.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Gabrielle Struckell

Anne Codd, Studio Art

Navigation: A Study in Medium Format Film Photography
Anne will explore and experiment with vintage photography through the purchase a refurbished Yashica-D 6x6 camera and a refurbished Soviet LOMO Twin Lens Reflex camera, both from the mid 20th century.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Corrinne James

Corrinne James, Studio Art

Corrinne will purchase camera film, markers for illustrations, sketchpads and materials for use in creating a 4-5 minute long animated narrative about the idea of the self, life and the spirit.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Kirsten Hemrich

Kirsten Hemrich, Studio Art

Repurposing Forgotten Photographs
Kirsten will create a series of mixed media paintings that incorporate forgotten, vintage photographs
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Kirsten Hemrich

Heidi Klockenbrink, Drama

Continuing Film Production
Heidi will purchase supplies to support her work in film production.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Vivien Fergusson

Vivien Fergusson, Dance

Preparation for Third-Year Arts Award at Bates Dance Festival
Vivien will spend time at Posture Studio Pilates in perparation for her attendance to the Bates Dance Festival.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson, Drama

Theatre Through The Camera
Steven is proposing a personal research project focusing on photography in the theatre. He will study photography as a device to capture, preserve, and drive conversations about theatre design by photographing several productions at his job as an electrician for Lyric Theatre in Oklahoma City. While he will not be able to add the production photos he takes at Lyric Theatre to his portfolio, as they are not his designs, he will have the time and access to complex lighting designs and be able to use them to learn how they interact with the camera and how to control it.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Taylor Lamb

Taylor Lamb, Drama

Entertainment Industries Council Internship
Taylor has been offered a position to serve as Entertainment Industries Council’s Intern for the summer of 2016. As an intern, she will be doing a variety of tasks including but not limited to: writing press releases, social media, and blogs, and assisting in the production of events such as the PRISM awards: an awards ceremony with the purpose of recognizing writers, producers, directors, musicians, actors, and actresses for their authentic storytelling of mental illness and substance abuse issues.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Susan Xie

Susan Xie, Studio Art

Native Tongues
Susan will explore questions related to culture, especially in the form of mouths and tongues. For an example, see the third gif on this site Currently, she is working on a final stop motion project that explores the symbolism of time and tongues moving in circular patterns.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)