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Current Miller Arts Scholars Artist Minigrants

Fall 2017

Kristen Barrett

Kristen Barrett, Drama

Researching Theatrical Adaptations
As an English and Drama double major, I am deeply interested in adapting novels/novellas/short stories into theatrical productions. Ever since I acted in a one-act adaptation of William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying , I have felt drawn to this literary and artistic practice that seems like a perfect marriage of my two majors. To better pursue this interest, I would like to spend winter break viewing and analyzing theatrical adaptations as I work on my own adaptation of Passing by Nella Larsen, a Harlem Renaissance novella and one of my favorite pieces of literature.
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Kaiming Cheng

Kaiming Cheng, Music

Documenting Performance
Request funding from the Miller Arts Scholars Minigrant Program to reimburse the cost for Film Documenting during performance in Downtown Charlottesville, UVA Bicentennial Celebration and Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington,DC.
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Chuanyuan Liu

Chuanyuan Liu, Music

Software Purchase for Composition and Sound Engineering
I am requesting funding from the Miller Arts Scholars Minigrant Program in order to support the cost of the software purchase for a major composition project with Lingxi Chinese Theatre in this academic year. Lingxi Chinese Theatre (灵犀中文话剧社) is the first and only non-profit Chinese theatre group at the University of Virginia. As a member of Associations of Chinese Theatre (ACT), an alliance of the top student-run Chinese theatre groups in universities across the US, Lingxi Chinese Theatre promotes strong cultural diversity, nurtures and serves as a resource of student talents and, introduces the inner workings of theatrical art to all that are interested.
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Luc Cianfarani

Luc Cianfarani, Music

Collaboration with Pianist Alexa Stier
I am requesting a minigrant to offset the costs of traveling to Glasgow, Scotland so I can help create a recording that accurately represents my artistic vision. This March, I have the opportunity to create a professional quality recording of a piece I am writing for piano and live electronics with Hungarian pianist, Alexa Stier. This is a great chance to have a work of mine professionally recorded and collaborate with an incredibly talented young musician. We will be recording at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in a state of the art recording studio. As a student of the conservatoire, Alexa will be able to use the space for free. I need to be at the recording session in order to convey to Alexa my artistic vision in real time.
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Alice Clair

Alice Clair, Music

Femme Funk: A Female Musician Showcase for UVA and Charlottesville
I plan to organize and execute a female musician/artist showcase in conjunction with Sheville, a socially conscious organization born from HackCville’s platform that aims to raise awareness and funds for women’s health and counseling resources in Charlottesville. The event will take place at the Ante Room (219 Water St. W) off the downtown mall on Friday, December 1st. The goal of the event will be to provide a show and outlet for female performers in UVA and Charlottesville, as well as to raise awareness and funds for female-oriented organizations. To maintain this goal, the proceeds of the event will go to benefit the Women’s Initiative of Charlottesville and the Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE), which will define this event as a non-profit benefit.
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Wesley Diener

Jack Gereski
Maelisa Singer

Wesley Diener, Music
Jack Gereski, Drama
Maelisa Singer, Drama

The Last Five Years: Directing a Musical
We, Wesley Diener, Jack Gereski, and Maelisa Singer, are applying for Art Scholar Minigrants to fund our participation in the Lab Series production of The Last Five Years. The Department of Drama’s Lab Series will present Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years on November 18 and 19. Wesley will direct the musical, Jack will portray Jamie, and Maelisa will design the costumes. This production provides unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate drama students to take on larger responsibility within a professional theatrical environment. Our active participation in classes and departmental productions has equipped us with the necessary skills to stand on our own as artists.
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Kirsten Hemrich

Kirsten Hemrich, Studio Art

The Artist’s Book: A Temporal Landscape
I am proposing a semester long project which will take course over the fall semester. With the requested the funds to cover the costs of materials, I will learn about the craft of bookbinding and bind a book myself. I intend to create an artist’s book which will merge poetry writing and various drawing techniques.
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Marcha Kiatrungrit

Marcha Kiatrungrit, Music

FAVA Grand Concours & My Misc Tape: An Album
As photographers might make a photo album of their work, I hope to create an audio album of my life, focusing on my time at the University of Virginia, where my love for music blossomed and has grown exponentially ever since. My passions in music lie in performance, compositions, and production. With my engineering degree, I plan on pursuing sound engineering and music production. This project will allow me to create an album as a showcase of what I have learned so far at UVA and a celebration of the relationships and love that I have formed. My Miscellaneous Tape will be the intersection of all the angles of my passions for music and a journey to find out more about myself and the world.
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Nicholas Milkovich

Nicholas Milkovich, Studio Art

I am requesting a Miller Art Scholar Mini Grant to pursue the construction of a large-scale sculpture. This sculpture will be part of the McGuffey Art Center show entitle Off the Wall beginning this October and ending in November. At the conclusion of the show, this sculpture will be the centerpiece of my fourth year concentration in Sculpture and will become a part of my fourth year show at the conclusion of the Spring Semester 2018.
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Josephine Miller

Josephine Miller, Music

Taking the Next Step
I am applying for an Arts Scholars Minigrant to support my upcoming attempts to revamp my overall artist portfolio and publicity and any associated fees regarding voice and publicity. I will be focusing not only on fine-tuning my voice in preparation for recordings, my DMP, competitions in the Spring, and application to a master class in Carnegie Hall, but also improving my general online and real-life professional presence in the arts community through website, video, headshots, and resume updates.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Anna Morgan

Anna Morgan, Studio Art

Layers of Selves
My proposed project involves the craft of bookmaking in relation to the meaning of “self” across time and interfaces. I imagine a trail of selves extending backward and forward in time, a constantlyIchanging definition of who we are. In addition to time, we create various selves via the internet, freezing ourselves in cyberspace on numerous social networks and websites. I currently am asking myself, how can I portray these layers of selves? How can I show these shadows of who we are in an art form? A book makes the most sense to me, as it is literally layers: pages one after another; once flipped, previous pages are past encounters while future pages wait to be seen. I would use Coptic binding for the more open format of the book, and a more obvious portrayal of layering.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Braelyn Schenk

Braelyn Schenk, Dance

The Branding of an Artist: Video Series
These past few years I’ve written and performed my music periodically and am feeling,  more so than ever, the urgency and necessity to make my work more accessible and shareable with others. Though I have the makings of an EP, before initiating steps toward full-band, studio recordings, I would like to begin with two to three excellently recorded and filmed videos. With a few bare-bones music videos I can begin the journey of branding myself and garnering a following as I simultaneously work to release a four-song EP by Summer 2018. These spreadable tools will launch me into my next steps as a musician and as a well-rounded creative,  outside of the direct context of UVA.
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Shannon Spence

Shannon Spence, Studio Art

Study in Serigraphy – Art Postering
I am applying for the Miller Art Scholars Minigrant to study the art of serigraphy, more commonly known as screen-printing. This will fund private lessons in the photo-emulsion technique and a 3-month Artist Residency at Studio Two Three in Richmond, VA. In addition to being able to practice the art of serigraphy in a studio setting, I will be generating a body of work surrounding a formal interest in exploring color and form and a thematic interest in the tropes of college postering.
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Hiedi Waldenmaier

Hiedi Waldenmaier, Dance

Preparation Materials for 2018 Spring Audition Season
My goal is to attend the Spring 2018 Southeastern Theater Conference (SETC) in Mobile, Alabama and audition as a dancer. I have been training in ballet and contemporary for years, but I have had little exposure to the styles that are highly sought by musical theatre companies. Dancers at musical theatre auditions are frequently asked to audition in character shoes as well as perform basic tap combinations. In order to compete against dancers with more training and audition opportunities, I have to diversify my abilities and prove that I am a malleable, versatile choice for hire. I want to remake my dance audition reel (which is out of date) with the additions of work in both character and tap shoes to show versatility. This reel can then be sent to theaters that are too far away to audition for shows in person.
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