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Current Miller Arts Scholars Artist Minigrants

Fall 2018

Elissa Bardhi

Elissa Bardhi, Studio Art

Oil Painting
I am applying for the artist minigrant to find a way back to oil painting. With this grant I will have the resources I need to create a large oil painting that ties to my realism roots. This would be different than every project I have ever indulged in because it would have no guidelines, no short-term biweekly due date, and no grade. This grant would give me the opportunity to produce the art I once knew and loved on a grand scale.
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Kate Bollinger

Kate Bollinger, Creative Writing

Funding for Recording Equipment
When I got to UVa, I began to record with other musicians and producers, ultimately using the microphones they had at their disposal, but I have always known that in order to create the music that I dream about creating, I will need more high quality recording equipment. My current goal is to continue recording the solo album that I have been working on and to record and release work under the artist name LAMB, a collaborative project I have been working on.
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Claire Burke

Claire Burke, Studio Art

Beyond the Image: America’s National Parks
I would most like to expand the opportunities to show the film within the Charlottesville community, specifically hosting an exhibition focused on environmentalism in art. To accomplish these goals, I need connections to potential showing locations and funds to host an exhibition and apply for festivals.
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Jakob Cansler

Jakob Cansler, Drama

Researching British Acting and Directing Techniques
My main goal in this project is to view as much professional, high-quality theatre as I can in a one week period so that I can study the techniques of the top artists in the business. Using the Artist Minigrant provided by the Miller Arts Scholars program, I intend to fly to London for five nights and see five professional shows on the West End over the course of my time there.
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Kaiming Cheng

Kaiming Cheng, Music

VR headset Purchase for Sound Engineering
With the help of the Miller Arts Scholars Minigrant Program, I would be able to purchase a fully-functioned VR headset, and add more functionalities and various novel human computer interactions on my project.
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Alice Clair

Alice Clair, Music

Femme Funk: A Female Musician Showcase (ROUND TWO)
This year I would like to bring back Femme Funk, a female musician showcase for the communities of Charlottesville and UVA. I will again work in conjunction with Sheville, a socially conscious organization born from HackCville’s platform that aims to raise awareness and funds for women’s health and counseling resources in Charlottesville. The event will take place at either The Southern on the downtown mall or at the IX Art Park, only two blocks from the downtown mall. The showcase will be sponsored by WXTJ and Sheville, among other local businesses and people like EpicCville, 92.3 Rock Hits, and Danny Shea of the Southern.
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Bryce Cuthriell

Bryce Cuthriell, Dance

Continuation of Performance Intensive
It is my intention to visit Steps on Broadway and take ballet and modern classes, as well as American Repertoire Ballet, Alvin Ailey, and a few other dance schools in NYC. I want to use this trip as a continuation of my studies over the summer in Columbus, and to reinforce the things I learned there. Also, I would like to participate in a couple company auditions while I am there. My overall objective, as before, is to continue to build my technique and artistry. I also hope to be able to glean more ideas and inspiration for choreography at the dance department at UVa. The entire project will take place over the course of two or three days.
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Savannah Edwards

Savannah Edwards, Drama

We’ll Hear a Play
Therefore, I am requesting a Minigrant to help fund the education and equipment I need to explore this medium of dramatic writing and production. The most integral expense to this project is a highly-rated online class called “How to Start a Podcast” from an arts education service called Creative Live. This course has four different sections “Podcasting 101,” “Essential Storytelling Techniques,” “Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand,” and “Power Your Podcast with Storytelling.”
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Jack Gereski

Jack Gereski, Drama

Graduate School Application Fees
I am applying for the Miller Arts Scholar Minigrant to help fund the application fees associated with applying to graduate school for Acting. As of now, I am planning to apply to at least four graduate programs: Yale School of Drama, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) at UNC-Chapel Hill, and the Actors Studio School at Pace University.
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Tina Hashemi, Music

Establishing Eligibility for Consideration
in Musical Employment, Workshops and Competitions

I will work closely with vocal jazz instructor Stephanie Nakasian to prepare my voice and scatting skills and with graduate student Rami Stucky to create arrangements of jazz standards to perform on the recording. I will then go into the studio within a month to record at Virginia Arts Recording. During this time, I will create a website through Squarespace that will contain pictures and videos of previous gigs, a biography, and future gigs.
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Marcha Kiatrungrit

Marcha Kiatrungrit, Music

Preparation for Fourth Year Recital
During my four years at the University of Virginia, the development of my voice has reflected my own personal growth, and I hope to share this journey at my Fourth Year Recital at Brooks Hall on March 24, 2019 at 13:00.
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Chuanyuan Liu

Chuanyuan Liu, Music

Preparation Materials for Spring 2019 Audition Season
I am applying for the MAS Minigrant to support my upcoming preparation materials for graduate school auditions and summer program auditions. In addition to a well written resume, it is essential for candidates to provide professional headshots and high quality recordings to compile a competitive application, and both of them can be quite expensive.
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Daniel McCarter

Daniel McCarter, Drama

Becoming a Self-Sustaining Artist
If were to receive this minigrant I would begin by filming family gatherings and unplanned events around the home in order to get comfortable with the new equipment. I would then proceed to edit the films together on Adobe. After I felt confident doing that I would start shooting my own stories or helping other people with their films using my equipment.
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Michelle Miles

Michelle Miles, Studio Art

Don’t Get My Chair In It
With this project, I hope to expand the frame of my work’s composition to include subject matter that I have never addressed before. With the funds from this grant, I would gain the opportunity to revisit voices from my childhood to capture and share stories through my medium, 16mm film, that I’ve gained a newfound confidence to work in.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Payton Moledor

Payton Moledor, Drama

Exploration of the Actor's Spoken Voice
I am applying to the Artist Mini Grant in the amount of $450 to fund 6 personal training sessions with Tovah Close to explore the actor’s spoken voice and improve my oral skills as a performer.
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Anna Morgan

Anna Morgan, Studio Art

The Intersection of Photography and Printmaking
I would end the semester with a final portfolio of at least fifteen color photographs, four print projects, and some hybrid creations utilizing both mediums. I expect the work, again, to be similar to what I produce in class, but hopefully with the support of Miller Arts Scholars I will be able to push my work even more. I believe this symbiotic relationship of photos versus prints would grow my work tremendously and help push me to a stronger 4th Year Show in the Spring as well.
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Emily Schmid

Emily Schmid, Drama

Theatre of the Oppressed Performance for Distinguished Majors Thesis
The research I am conducting will be multidisciplinary drawing on skills from performance studies, ethnography, administration, and theatre arts. I will serve in the role of producer, stage manager, and director for the theatre piece that the students create. Additionally, I will work as a teacher to pass on my knowledge of Theatre of the Oppressed to the students. The beauty of Theatre of the Oppressed is that it is devised theatre, so there is no need to purchase rights to a show.
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Shannon Spence

Shannon Spence, Studio Art

Going Big: Public Art and Self-Promotion
Entering into my fourth and final year at UVA and my second as a Miller Arts Scholar, I am struck with the urgency of my situation. This time next year I will no longer have access to the support of an art department, professors and classmates, and there will be no large student body as a potential audience. Therefore, this semester I am planning a forward approach to marketing my art to greater UVA.
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Hiedi Waldenmaier

Heidi Waldenmaier, Dance

Company Class with the Charlottesville Ballet
The Charlottesville Ballet offers open company class every weekday at 10am. I’d like to attend this class every Friday morning for the remainder of the semester. Although I am a dance minor and would love to take class with the department, my class and rehearsal schedule as a drama major does not allow for it at this time. Each ballet class costs 19 dollars with my student discount which will add up, making it beyond what is affordable on my student budget. I am asking for 200 dollars to fund tuition and gas expenses over the course of the semester.
(Original Proposal) (Proposal Outcome)

Meghan Walther

Meghan Walther, Dance

Analyzation of Dance Performances from the United States to Italy
Every ballet company has different dancers, directors, and styles, which is why I would find it to be a culturally enriching experience to analyze the similarities and differences of two professional ballet companies’ performances. Since I am planning to study abroad for this upcoming January 2019 in Rome, I will have the opportunity to attend a ballet performance while abroad to further my artistic curiosity. My project will be set up into three parts. I will analyze a ballet in Rome, followed by a ballet in the United States. Then, I will reflect upon both by writing a detailed report discussing the similarities and differences of each production.
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Anna Warner

Anna Warner, Studio Art

Photographs and the Silver Window of Reality
The specific hypothesis that I am investigating is this: in the way that all photographs are lies, there is a specific type of film that is the most genuine depiction of truth that the deceit of photography can muster. The film type I am referring to is color positive, or slide film.
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Kia Wassenaar

Kia Wassenaar, Studio Art

Drawing, Paintings and Portfolio Making
I have several ideas for drawings that I believe would translate well to paintings. While I have never worked extensively in this medium, I am eager to explore and experiment, particularly within the world of acrylics and watercolors. The materials needed to get started with painting (an easel, canvases, brushes, the paint itself, etc.) can be expensive, which is why this Minigrant would be essential.
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Isabella Whitfield

Isabella Whitfield, Studio Art

Merging Different Materials and Artistic Processes
I am proposing a project that will span to the end of the fall semester. I am requesting funds to help purchase a Wacom Intuos Pro Paper drawing tablet. This tool allows artists to have editable digital files of artwork without compromising the familiar pen to paper process of creating. For my project, I will create a series of six digital paintings that will explore the potential of merging traditional and digital materials. I will closely document my artistic process to provide a clear picture of the utilization of these materials. Adobe Photoshop software will be used to compile and edit my artwork via tablet.
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